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[Some references]||Discover our construction logistics projects

Some references
Discover our construction logistics projects

From consulting to planning to execution: BCL has led hundreds of projects to success so far - here are some examples.

Global Tower Frankfurt/Main

Global Tower is a high-rise building in Frankfurt's banking district with a listed façade, a height of 110 metres and a total of 30 upper floors.

Berlin Palace - Humboldt Forum

The Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace is the largest German cultural building, in the heart of Berlin.

Schwabinger Tor, Munich

The Schwabinger Tor construction project, located between Leopoldstraße and Berliner Straße, will be a huge residential, office, gastronomy and hotel complex when completed - a city within the city.

Telli B & C, Aarau, Switzerland

The construction project Telli B & C in Aarau involves the energy-efficient refurbishment of a residential complex consisting of 24 buildings and a total of 581 residential units.


PANDION OFFICEHOME THE SHELF is a multifunctional building in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg that offers plenty of space for over 30 office units, retail and gastronomy.

Lokstadt Winterthur, Switzerland

Directly in the centre of Winterthur, on a disused industrial site where locomotives used to be built, a new urban and sustainable district is being created - the so-called Lokstadt.

Messe Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Basel trade fair, Switzerland's most important trade fair venue and one of the most important ones in Europe, was given a new and larger exhibition hall on the exhibition grounds in 2013. The complex and impressive exhibition building with its extravagant façade was preceded by two outdated exhibition complexes.


Under the name PANDION OFFICEHOME The Grid, a new commercial building for offices and restaurants was constructed in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

THE SQUAIRE, Frankfurt/Main

THE SQUAIRE is a multi-functional office building located between the A3 motorway and the B43 A-road in Frankfurt/Main. Up to today, the building is one of the most unusual buildings in Germany, due to its size and its impressive and futuristic shape.

160 Park View, Hochhaus am Park, Frankfurt/Main

Two high-rise office towers built in the 1970s, which were rebuilt several times in subsequent years, are being transformed into an ultra-modern hotel and residential tower with a fantastic view of the Frankfurt skyline and the Taunus hills.

KÖ-Bogen II, Dusseldorf

The KÖ-Bogen II project, part of a major inner-city project, is located in the heart of Dusseldorf. The building is located between the Dreischeibenhaus, the Schauspielhaus and the new Liebeskind buildings and is an attraction for shopping fans. 

Kap West am Hirschgarten, Munich

Kap West, located in the immediate vicinity of Munich's Hirschgarten (Neuhausen), is a modern office ensemble consisting of four buildings with around 42,000 m² of usable space, 35,000 m² of which has been converted into office space.

THE ICON VIENNA, Vienna, Austria

The new building THE ICON VIENNA - a multifunctional office complex consisting of three office towers of different heights, which is equipped with state-of-the-art office space - was constructed directly at Vienna's main railway station.

Hafenspitze, Dusseldorf

The Hafenspitze area in Dusseldorf comprises two high-rise towers with two upper floors projecting in opposite directions. The ensemble consists of the 19-storey 5-star Hyatt Hotel and the 17-storey office tower.

Ringbahnstraße, Berlin

The project was a revitalisation measure of a listed brick building with historical significance in Berlin-Tempelhof.

La Roche, Basel, Switzerland

Roche, known as one of the world's leading pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, is betting on Switzerland for the long term and has built the Roche Tower (Building 1) in Basel, a state-of-the-art office building as a prelude to the Hoffmann-La Roche pharmaceutical group's headquarters.

SAP Garden, Munich

This complex construction project is a multifunctional sports arena with a capacity of up to 11,500 spectators, in which top international sport will be combined with public youth and popular sport in the future.

Berlin State Opera Unter den Linden, Berlin

Beginning in 2010, one of the most extensive renovation projects in the history of the Berlin State Opera Unter den Linden took place.

University Medical Centre Rostock, new building Central Medical Function

As part of the renovation and restructuring of the Rostock University Medical Centre, the construction of the new building Central Medical Function (ZMF = Zentrale Medizinische Funktionen) began in 2015, which is being built between the existing buildings of the Surgery Department and the Centre for Internal Medicine and is now almost complete.

New construction U5 underground line, Berlin

The U5 underground line in Berlin was extended in order to expand the route coming from the east beyond Alexanderplatz to the main station.

ZEISS high-tech complex, Jena

ZEISS is building a modern, future-oriented and networked high-tech complex in Jena.