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Our services:
Construction logistics
from A to Z

With experience from about 500 projects, we offer solutions optimally adapted to your wishes and the construction site situation - as a reliable partner for building owners, general contractors and investors. With our innovative technologies, you can achieve smooth processes, even under difficult conditions. Find out more here.

Consulting and analysis:
We start way before
construction starts!

Are you planning a construction project and want to make the right decisions? Involving BCL for your construction logistics at an early stage is the best prerequisite for a smooth construction process.

We offer construction logistics consulting services such as:

  • Inventory
  • Complexity analysis
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Preparation of tenders in accordance with public procurement law
  • Needs assessment and development of recommendations for action
  • Support with regard to construction logistics issues
  • Consultation and training of the client and the entire planning team

To the projects

We start providing our services well before construction begins
An employee of BCL working on a tablet

Planning and

Keeping the goal in sight

Our interdisciplinary team will work with you to develop a time- and cost-saving construction logistics concept - from the assessment of demands to tendering and awarding.

We offer:

  • Resources in all construction logistics areas (personnel, transport, containers, space, etc.)
  • Construction logistics concepts with phase plans
  • Cost calculation of the construction logistics components and determination of charging rates
  • Assistance in applying for necessary permits (traffic regulations, special use areas, etc.)
  • Drawing up logistical regulations
  • Legally compliant tendering and awarding of construction logistics services
  • Consideration of interfaces between the trades and reduction of project risks

To the projects

Execution and

Integral, efficient and competent

We are the leading engineering service provider for construction projects: We take care of the coordination required, the management and execution services of material and personnel logistics as well as of the construction site equipment. With our integral logistics approach, we help to significantly increase your construction progress performance.

We offer:

  • Supply logistics
  • Disposal logistics
  • Site equipment (lift, site fence, containers, etc.)
  • Site security (access control) and guarding
  • Video surveillance and fire alarm systems

To the projects

Three BCL employees during material handling
We are digitally equipped

Digital services
and innovation:

Focus on the future

Construction logistics, lean construction, Building Information Modelling (BIM) - we see considerable potential for optimizing construction site processes in the interactions between these areas.

That is why we combine methodical approaches with digital tools.

With our software BCL|OnSite, we integrate your individual project requirements and thus offer you an all-in-one solution to support numerous processes in your construction workflow.

We do not pursue a detached digitalization strategy - rather, we align our actions and services with a digitalized world.

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Theses supported by BCL


  • Einsatzmöglichkeiten volkswirtschaftlicher Kostenberechnungsmodelle zur Analyse von baulogistischen Wirkungseffekten
  • Erfassung der Arbeitsproduktivität innerhalb der Baulogistik
  • Baustelleneinrichtungsplanung 4.0 – Digitalisierung mit Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Entwicklung eines Konzeptes zur Prozessoptimierung der ausführenden Baustellenlogistik


  • Nachhaltigkeit in der Baulogistik
  • Eine Untersuchung zur Anlieferungsavisierung in der Bauwirtschaft


  • Analyse des Optimierungspotentials in einem Bauunternehmen durch den Einsatz eines Baulogistikdienstleisters
  • Analyse zur Anlieferungsavisierung in der Bauwirtschaft
  • Untersuchung zu Avisierungsprogrammen für die Versorgungslogistik in der Bauwirtschaft
  • Identifizierung von Optimierungspotenzialen durch die Nutzung von Simulationen in der Baulogistikplanung


  • Entwicklung und Bewertung eines Anforderungsmodells für die Baulogistik bei der Anwendung von Taktplanung und Taktsteuerung in Lean Construction Projekten
  • Konzeption eines Kennzahlensystems für ein Baulogistikunternehmen im Hochbau