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[Numerous functions, one software]|| BCL|OnSite

Numerous functions, one software

By using our self-developed software BCL|OnSite, we are able to digitally implement your individual construction logistics requirements. Your satisfaction is our highest goal.

We are digitally equipped: For our consulting services as well as for planning and executing your individual construction logistics, we rely on modern and digital working methods. With BCL|OnSite, we have developed our own software for controlling, documenting and invoicing our construction logistics services. This enables us to digitally implement your personal requirements and achieve the best possible success for your construction project.

BCL|OnSite links processes and information from the real world with the digital world. The versatile all-in-one solution offers you numerous possibilities:

  • Efficient and cooperative control of complex supply and disposal processes
  • Coordination of personnel flows via access control
  • Optimization of numerous working steps

The software is web-based: all project participants can access it at any time and from anywhere. In combination with other digitally supported processes, we optimize the entire value chain of your construction project - sustainably and cost-efficiently.

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Our tool OLAV can also still be used. You can access it directly below.