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[References:]||Campus Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Campus Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Frankfurt School is an international business university located in the North End of Frankfurt, offering various bachelor and master programmes in Finance and Management. During the construction of the new campus, great emphasis was placed on state-of-the-art facilities and sustainability."

The project

Energy, for example, is harnessed through a photovoltaic system and a wind turbine on the roof of the building. Additionally, a beehive, housing four colonies of bees, has been established on the building's north terrace. The campus is inviting and a flagship project in the truest sense. It sets new standards for German universities, equipped with a cafeteria, an executive lounge, numerous terraces for relaxation, various seminar and audio rooms, and a library spanning three floors.

BCL was responsible for the construction logistics planning and the execution of the construction logistics.

© Frankfurt School of Finance
© Frankfurt School of Finance
© Frankfurt School of Finance

Services in detail


  • Construction logistics concept
  • Construction logistics manual


  • Delivery traffic control (online notification)
  • Area management
  • Floor logistics
  • Waste logistics
  • Access control, surveillance
  • Construction site setup
  • Container facility (operator model)
  • Construction cleaning
  • Transport logistics
  • Operational paramedics

Further information

Location Adickesallee 32-34
60322 Frankfurt/Main
Services Planning & Execution
Usage Campus with university building
Start of construction April 2015
Completion October 2017
Project type Construction (new building)
Contracting entity rankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH, Sonnemannstraße 9-11, 60314 Frankfurt/Main
Architect Henning Larsen Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark
Plot size 18550 m²
Gross floor area (GFA) 37880 m²


  • Bundling  of delivery traffic flows
  • Separation of construction waste and disposal through certified companies
  • DGNB Platinum Certification