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[References:]||Living on Baggersand, Lubeck, Germany

Living on Baggersand, Lubeck, Germany

In the Lubeck district of Travemunde, the new residential area 'Auf dem Baggersand' is being developed.

The project

The construction project is being realized by a consortium of four Lubeck housing companies: Grundstücks-Gesellschaft Trave, Lübecker Bauverein, Neue Lübecker Norddeutsche Baugenossenschaft, and Vereinigte Baugenossenschaften Lübeck. On the approximately 20,000 m2 plot, several buildings comprising approximately 250 rental apartments and an underground parking garage with around 260 parking spaces are planned. The 2- to 4-bedroom apartments are intended to provide a new home for both families and singles, couples, and older individuals. Some of the housing units will be publicly subsidized. The energy supply for the residential complex will be provided by its own combined heat and power plant in the future. Construction work began in the autumn of 2021.

Travemunde is located at the mouth of the Trave River, which flows into the Baltic Sea, and the construction site is in close proximity to the water. Therefore, flood protection measures are essential for the project, both during construction, adapted to the respective construction progress, and after the completion of the residential complex. Another special feature: due to the different builders, there are particularly high demands on interface coordination, especially for construction logistics.

BCL is responsible for a significant portion of the construction logistics infrastructure and traffic management on this gigantic project, as well as managing containers and providing construction power and water. BCL's work began in April 2021 and is expected to be completed in April 2024.

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© Bauherrengemeinschaft Baggersand
© Firmengruppe Schütt
© Firmengruppe Schütt

Services in detail


  • Traffic sign planning


  • Coordination of construction site logistics
  • Delivery traffic control
  • Barrier system / video surveillance
  • Construction site setup (site elevator, site fence, site power supply, etc.)
  • Container management
  • Traffic safety, authorities management

Further information

Location Auf dem Baggersand / Travemünde Landstraße
23570 Lubeck-Travemunde
Services Planning & Execution
Usage Residential building with underground parking
Start of construction September 2020
Completion April 2024
Project type Construction (new building)
Contracting entity Consortium of builders consisting of: Lübecker Bauverein eG, Neuer Lübecker Norddeutsche Baugenossenschaft eG, Grundstücks-Gesellschaft TRAVE mbH, and Vereinigte Baugenossenschaften Lübeck eG, Otto-Passarge-Str. 2, 23564 Lubeck
Architect Various architects
Plot size 19540 m²
Gross floor area (GFA) 38711 m²


  • Consolidation of delivery traffic flows
  • Flood protection measures