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[References:]||Munich Airport Center and central building, Munich, Germany

Munich Airport Center and central building, Munich, Germany

Munich Airport operates the Munich Airport Center and the central building in its urban center, located between terminal 1 and 2. This multifunctional area is heavily frequented by passengers and functions as the main connection for pedestrians between the two terminals. It houses retail and service facilities, the connection to city trains as well as airport-specific uses such as the check-in area.

The project

This building complex is in need of redesign due to changing customer demands, functional changes and technical obsolescence. 

A major challenge here is that the remodeling work is to be carried out while the airport continues to operate and while maintaining the quality standards which have been awarded to date. In addition, there are high safety requirements and little available construction site equipment space.

BCL was responsible for the construction logistics planning (work phases 1 to 4 according to AHO booklet 25).

© Flughafen München
© Flughafen München

Services in detail


  • Basic evaluation, target definition 
  • Preliminary planning 
  • Design planning 
  • Approval planning

Further information

Location Munich, Germany
Services Planning
Usage Airport building
Start of construction January 2025
Completion December 2027
Project type Construction (modernisation)
Building owner Flughafen München Gesellschaft mbH
Contracting entity Zaha Hadid Architects Ltd., 10 Bowling Green Lane, London EC1R 0BQ, England
Architect Zaha Hadid Architects Ltd.
Gross floor area (GFA) 57445 m²


  • Bundling of delivery traffic flows
  • Conversion during ongoing operation
  • DGNB Platinum certification is being sought on site