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BCL is responsible for the construction logistics planning for the revitalisation of Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank in Frankfurt.

A challenging project in the heart of the Main metropolis

Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank is Germany's development bank for agriculture and rural areas. Its headquarter is located in the heart of Frankfurt, not far from the famous Eschenheimer Tower. The seven-story office ensemble was completed in 1956. It is considered an outstanding example of post-war architecture and is a listed building.

At present, Rentenbank is carrying out an extensive revitalization of the building, which has a total floor area of approximately 11,000 square meters. The characteristic appearance is to be preserved. As the number of Rentenbank employees has increased significantly in recent years, the current space is being extended by four floors (around 3,000 square meters of total floor area). In addition, adjustments are being made to meet current technical and energy standards. The entire facade will be preserved by removing, securing, and later reusing the original stone material. The architecturally unique cantilevered roof will also be reapplied after the addition. A new underground car park with 33 car parking spaces will be added, as well as a separate bicycle storage room with 74 spaces. A redesign and revitalization of the surrounding area are also planned.

BCL is responsible for the construction logistics planning (service phases 1 to 8) on this project. In addition to the limited space and high traffic volume - both due to the direct city center location - there are further challenges. A subway line runs under the construction site; furthermore, the Wallanlagen with its extensive and protected trees surround the construction site. During the excavations for the underground car park, parts of the old Frankfurt city wall were discovered, which must be preserved. This highly demanding project is being implemented in close coordination with the monument protection authority.

BCL began the planning work in May 2020. The current phase, phase 8 (construction supervision), is underway. The renovated building is scheduled to be commissioned in October 2026.

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Images: © Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank

Historical photograph of Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank in Frankfurt/Main