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[Fit for the future:]|| with customised construction logistics

Fit for the future:
with customised construction logistics

BCL is responsible for the planning and execution of construction logistics for the Telli B & C construction project in Aarau (Switzerland).

Modernization: Telli consists of 24 buildings and 581 residential units

The facility, which was built in the 1970s, no longer meets today's standards. The owner is making Telli fit for the future by means of energy refurbishment. This is being done while the building is occupied - so the top priority is to keep the impact on residents and the public as low as possible.

Top-tempo: All construction processes must be coordinated in such a way that the work in the individual apartments is completed within just ten days. Only during this short period will residents have to temporarily leave their apartments. To meet this challenge, BCL has developed a customized logistics concept. This made it possible to shorten the project duration by around 3.5 months, which would otherwise have been spent on construction logistics activities by the trades.

Sustainability: Thanks to the separation of construction waste by type and disposal via certified companies, 70% less mixed construction waste is produced - a major contribution to sustainability. Efforts are being made to obtain the SNBS 2.0 sustainability label (Standard Sustainable Building Switzerland) for the construction site.


BCL project Telli in Aarau, Switzerland