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[Athletic order]||für BCL

Athletic order
für BCL

BCL takes over the execution of the construction logistics for the SAP Garden project in Munich. This complex construction project involves a multifunctional sports arena with a capacity of up to 11,500 spectator seats, which will combine international elite sports with public youth and grassroots sports in the future.

A multifunctional sports arena is being built

Our range of services includes significantly the delivery traffic control and supply logistics including traffic safety, area management, object protection including access control, operation of extensive construction site facilities, winter construction measures and heating, as well as waste logistics.

In addition to the ice hockey games of Red Bull Munich, matches of FC Bayern Basketball are also scheduled to be held here. One of the three covered ice surfaces will be used by the city for school and leisure sports. Even sports-related events such as e-sports competitions using computers or gaming consoles will take place in the future. Thanks to its green roof, the building seamlessly integrates into the world-famous Olympic Park ensemble. The owner and operator of the representative meeting place in the southeastern part of the Olympic Park is the Red Bull Stadion München GmbH; SAP is the innovation and technology partner.

We are very pleased to be able to contribute to the creation of this state-of-the-art stadium and fulfill our task with the same enthusiasm with which the players later fight for their success in the stadium.

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