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meets learning

A modern new university campus of the Friedrich Schiller University is being built on Inselplatz in Jena.

BCL contributes to campus of the future in Jena

The construction project is being realised according to an award-winning design by CODE UNIQUE Architects BDA with QUERFELDEINS.

Not only the students will benefit from the new campus, but also the citizens of the city of Jena: Protected courtyards, green open spaces, and short distances are intended to make Inselplatz a place of encounter and communication.

The client is the free state of Thuringia, represented by the State Office for Construction and Transport. Around 190 million euros were invested, of which the buildings of the faculty of mathematics and computer science as well as the data centre came from approximately 84 million euros in funds from the European Union. This makes Inselplatz the second largest university construction project in Thuringia, after the Jena University Hospital.

In this challenging project, we take over the complete supply and disposal logistics, the area management, and the container management in the operator model. Particularly challenging is the extremely tight inner-city location: the construction site is enclosed on the west by a protected tree-lined avenue, on the north by the famous Lutherplatz with a four-lane road, on the east by the federal highway 88, and on the south by a multi-storey perimeter development. In addition, there are numerous other construction sites around Inselplatz. This requires a high level of coordination effort every day - not only in terms of delivery traffic, but also with regard to the need for coordination with neighbouring construction sites. In particular, our project ZEISS high-tech site Jena should be mentioned here, as well as the new Ernst-Abbe-Stadium built by Implenia.

The faculty of Mathematics and computer science has already been completed, closely followed by the data centre and the 70-metre high psychology tower. The library with cafeteria is currently under construction. The completion of the entire construction project, including the outdoor facilities, is planned for 2026.

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Visualisations: © CODE UNIQUE Architects BDA